Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My B+W Team

Yeah so I actually thought about a lot of stuff and got together what I think will be my starting B+W team, assuming that both players start off by seeing both player's pokemon.

Mamoswine @ Life Orb
Thick Fat: Jolly
252 Attack, 4 Defense, 252 Speed
Icicle Drop
Stealth Rock
Ice Shard

Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf
Sand Stream: Jolly
4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
Stone Edge
Aqua Tail

Zekrom @ Balloon
Tera Voltage: Naive
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Attack
Lightning Strike
Draco Meteor
Volt Change

Garchomp @ Choice Band
Sand Veil: Jolly
4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
Dragon Claw
Sleep Talk

Nattorei @ Shed Shell
Steel Thorns: Sassy
252 HP, 48 Defense, 208 Sp. Defense
Gyro Ball
Leech Seed

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Water Absorb: Bold
252 HP, 224 Defense, 36 Sp. Defense
Boiling Water

Your basic offensive team with a slight backbone to it: generally I apply pressure hard and fast, get easy gimps with t-tar and rape the opposing team. My first concern is how slow my team is overall, but I think Vaporeon+Nattorei can handle most stuff. Otherwise yeah, seems pretty good.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A bit.... late. T-T

Anyway, let's go back to discussing random B/W shit, why don't we? =D

OK, so for the first thing I have a new pokemon. And here we have a pokemon that's hot for topic debates: Shandderaa!

It has very interesting typing with a very unoriginal twist: it's a floating candle with ghost/ fire typing. So not the best way to go about it all, but hey we'll take new type combinations any way that ninendo will hand them out!

So for its base stats we have ;
60 HP / 55 Atk / 90 Def / 145 SpA / 90 SpD / 80 Spe

So we have 145 SpA, which is def quite deadly with access to Fire Blast and Shadow Ball for STABs, with the other slots having potential to just cover random threats. It gets Hidden Power and.... well, tbh that's pretty much it. With an attacking stat of 427 and access to Calm Mind, I'm sure it could leave at least a dent in Suicune. And with decent enough defenses, it probably won't OHKO back while you easily 2HKO it. Not that it can really come in anyway, thanks to his amazing ability: Shadow tag!

Nintendo is stupid. ><'

For a more offensive set you can go FB, SB, CM + HP and Life Orb. Just get in a CM and attempt to sweep. CB Scizor is dead now, and coming into Forretress to kill it instantly(unless everything starts running Shed Shell) means that Spin Blocking isn't impossible.... yet. Only time will truly tell.

Everyone is going "ZOMG Sub+CM is too broken," when they seem to forget an amazing move: Taunt. Since it lasts a full three turns always, you don't have to worry about mistimings throwing you off. I'd use something like:

Shanderaa @ Leftovers
Shadow Tag: Timid
252 HP, 4 Defense, 252 Speed
Shadow Ball
Calm Mind

The defenses aren't that bad, and Fire+Ghost has some pretty decent coverage; unless the pokemon you bring it in on has Shed Shell and goes to Tyranitar, you should guarantee at least a kill. Decent 90/90 defenses work great with 60 HP, so max HP gives a bigger boosts to the defenses than anything else.

For a move we have Spycho Shock/ Break, new psychic moves that use the pokemon's SpA stat but uses the opponent's defense stat.

Basically means "fuck you Blissey." That's it, though, because you've lowered your overall damage output since it has only 80 BP compared to Psychic's 95. Unless your name is mewtwo, then you have a base 100 version of this, so yeah. Use it. Offensive CM with Psycho Break/ Flamethrower/GK/CM will be cool, but watch out for Lati twins as well as Giratina and Lugia. Ice Beam covers all three, but then you'd likely need to drop Flamethrower/ GK and use Aura Sphere.

Overconfidence is a new ability that, when a pokemon kills another, they get an attack increase. This would be cool until you consider the pokemon that get it... Gyarados, the new Ground/ Dark type, Salamence, heracross. jesus christ, did they really NEED it?!?!?! I don't think it will be broken, but we'll see as time goes on.

And finally for item we have the pre-evolution stone, which is cool because any NFE gets a 1.5 boost in both defenses. Chansey becomes a menace, and Shelgon is a pretty good wish passer(assuming wish works the same way it did in gen4, which it may not). Golbat is getting some love, and iirc Onix has denet speed stat, so it may be able to put it to decent use with a more offensive oriented set.... again, who knows.

Gen V is looking awesome, to be honest. I can't wait till a simulator comes out with it. If you know one that already has it, PLEASE send me a PM or hit me up on AIM or something so I can play it. I want to use my Zekrom soooo badly! T-T

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy crap, Black and White!

Yeah, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who's being swept away by the hype that is Pokemon Black and White, which hit Japan just a short time ago. I figure this would be the best time to pick the blog back up, since now I have a LOT to say about the games. =3

I think it would be a good habit on my part if I tried to post about 1 pokemon, 1 move, and 1 item each day: this way I can more thoroughly understand and put to memory what's new and what everything else. Plus I need to do something with this.

How will I pick topics: look at the first threads on smogon for moves, pokemon, and item. Eventually I'll get through them all. =P

First let me discuss one of the prettiest of new grass pokemon: Doreida. It's so pretty, look it up just to see it wave its pretty grass skirt. On a more serious note, it looks UU material with its base stats. 70 HP and 75 defenses is definitely not the best for a mono-grass type, especially when compared to things like Shaymin: what it makes up with is 90 base speed and 110 base spa. Still, it falls down as being another of those poor grass types that are sun users with abilities Chlorophyll and Leaf Guard: the latter being poor and the former having better pokemon to abuse it with(Exeggutor comes to mind). The only thing that seperates it from everything else is one of the most hyped moves in Butterfly Dance(think CM with +1 Speed as well). Personally I think Venomoth can more abuse Sleep Powder + BDance thanks to access to Baton Pass, as well as Bug STAB with Tinted Lens. Grass by itself is also horrid coverage, and her SpA doesn't have enough to break through that of the most prevalent and centralizing Special Walls: Blissey. It does have a cool gimmick of Petal Dance + Own Tempo(Petal Dance now being a Special-type outrage clone). If you do consider using this pokemon regardless, consider the following set to completely frustrate opposing teams:

Doreida @ Leftovers
Own Tempo: Timid/ Modest
4 Defense, 252 Speed, 252 Sp. Attack
0/ 2 HP IV
Petal Dance
Butterfly Dance
Leech Seed

And here the fun begins: threaten something like Damp Swampert now and get a sub/ Butterfly Dance. Even its pathetic defenses could potentially be enough to get off a Leech Seed for you to start SubStalling. Once you have a Sub, Butterfly Dance up and attempt to wreck things with your unfortunately pitiful STAB. You can try to replace something with HP Fire to hit other grass types, but then you won't be nearly as cool of a set. Try to keep a sub up before Petal Dancing. It should be incredibly obnoxious and fun for you!

Next we are going to look at the move of the day: Shell Break. It basically increases everything offensive and decreases everything defensive: Attack, Sp Attack, and Speed go up, but both defenses drop. It's pretty cool: then you consider the pokemon that get it and it's AMAZING!!!

One of my favorite pokemon ever, Cloyster, go the move. The -1 in Physical Defense wouldn't be enough to leave it terribly vulnerable to priority(watch out for tech breloom Mach Punch), and you get so many cool moves such as his new Physical water STAB(a powered up version of Rock Smash), Icicle Spear with Skill Link(each hit has 25 BP per hit now!), Rock Blast(up to 90% accuracy), Explosion, Surf, Ice Beam.... and with a surprising base 70 speed it isn't that terribly slow after a boost, hitting 393 after a single boost(just shy one point of base 130s, I'm afraid). You also can go slow + mean with Ice Shard, helping against Breloom among others!

For item we have Bulb. The general idea is that a pokemon gets hit with a water attack and gets a boost in SpA: but does it get an immunity? Halve damage? One time use? Stays forever? Until these specifics are tested, I can't really say much except that maybe Doubles RD abuse will probably love this.

Finally, I'll get to abilities. Everyone should know this: Ninetales gets Drought and Politoed gets Drizzle. Yesyesyes, Nintendo finally gave us our eternal weather users of OU: but at what cost? Considering for the past two generations, lvl 5 Groudon was too centralizing and powerful to be allowed in OU, what makes these any different? Especially Drizzle, with many pokemon getting speed boosts and power boosts that bring those pokemon to insane proportions: I mean, sure B+W is already insane, but really? I'm not screaming "broken", but I think it'll be centralizing... for a period. We'll see how it turns out in the end, though. Too bad Abomasnow is the only weather user for Hail: now everything has two fully evolved weather users except for Hail.

Articanus signing out. Tune in tomorrow for new stuff from my point of view, and feel free to subscribe!

Friday, August 20, 2010

First week of college: I need to read more! T-T

Best friends have left, so my melee-ness is probably about to start hitting an all-time low: need to really work on that so that I don't fall too far behind. Otherwise I'm downloading itunes so that I can have music again: is there a terrible point to have a 64-bit itunes? Just to fuck up people trying to download it? Seriously.

I made my first post on MLG salvation about burn. I think it's doing pretty good and even though I haven't perfected the deck list yet I'm loving it.

Pokemon-wise I'm burnt out as well. I'm sorry "guys", but I'm not really feeling any gaming-mojo. =/

To boost my self-confidence, PLEASE follow me on this site. I don't care if you sign up, follow me, and then never touch it. I just don't like feeling I'm writing this to no one lol

Now that the pity party is over, I guess I should talk somewhat about my recent ideas....

I've been mostly working on the SmashCaP, which currently has Grass/ Dragon typing, Solar Power/ Thick Fat(damn Ice Shard Sharpedo), with 65 HP, 67 Attack, 77 Defenses, 124 Speed, and 135 Sp. Attack. I wish someone had mentioned the idea of Vacuum Wave before we had given it thick fat, but yet I digress....

It truly is beastly, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it completed. When the competitive movepool discussion comes up I'm going to recommend that this does NOT get Special Fire moves OR Draco Meteor. We really just don't need all of that around: otherwise, all I hope for is Aura Sphere and it should fall into a decent place in the SWF metagame. Shoutouts to them, because they have a cool server up on PO(Machamp's Pants lol) with a bunch of NU to OU changes, among others. Really try it out: they need the help testing shit.

That's pretty much it I guess. I'm working on a team atm but it's not really moving so I'll drop it. Eventually I'll get it done.... maybe 5th gen. =/


Sunday, August 15, 2010

College starts tomorrow for me! =D

And that is all you get for IRL-related news. =P

For smash, I haven't been playing a lot: sadly my two main friends I play with are leaving, and it's left us with little time to hang out or do anything really. So I have to maximize on this week to get all of my melee-stuff out: because after this I'll be primarily on my own. Though I did watch a bunch of Apex stuff, so that was cool. Hungrybox 2 gud. ^^"

Speaking of the beast, I played him once. It was at CEO in Florida a couple of months back, right before he went to play Colbol in finals. First match was on some battlefield: I tried my best to avoid some of dat fancy platform shit, but it was hard. For those wondering I play primarily Falco/ Marth, with Fox/ Shiek to the side. I know, tier whore, w/e. Should learn Jiggs sometime lol

Anyway, I have a bad habit of complaining beforehand only to have the exact opposite occur. It happens on multiple occasions with friends, and it happened against H-box as well. I started off laser camping in the middle with some bairs to keep him off. I hit him with a laser and I comment at how that would be the only point that I was ahead. Needless to say, seconds later he hits me with a nair(?) for a quick 9%, only justifying my case. But that's the only damage he got off on me that stock....

The match went fairly close from that point, but I got caught under battlefield some how(he deluxed me probably =P), so I lost my stock at 0% when he had two with ~130-ish. I think for my first time playing a competent(he's so much more than that) Jiggs, I did pretty well. Then we went Dreamland where he rocked my shit, JV 3-stocking me while killing myself twice. Our final match was my fox vs him on FoD, and he's HARD to up throw u-air. I gave up, and took the spectator's advice and went with a down throw -> upsmash. He killed himself twice in that match as well(all four suicides were attempts at ledge-cancelled bairs to rests off the stage), but both of those stock were useless at that point so I could say it was a last-ditch effort.... though more likely, I've still got to work my way up.

Now for pokemon. If you know me on SWF, you know I've been doing pretty decent on the ladder with my mono-fighting team. For those who are curious, it's Infernape, Lucario, Breloom, Machamp, Poliwrath, and Heracross. The primary goal of the team is to spam high-powered fighting type moves while SR is on the field so that something breaks through and rapes. So in that sense I'm playing "Heavy Offense". However, I tend to play more conservatively and go for an end-game Lucario sweep.

Lucario @ Life Orb
Inner Focus: Adamant
252 Attack, 4 Defense, 252 Speed
29 HP IV
Close Combat
Swords Dance
Bullet Punch

Of course, the primary concern is Rotom-A. I have NO hope of breaking through it(unless I get 3 SDs or something lol) at any point, and not removing it means there's just a big block in the way. While Rotom-a is seen on both offensive and defensive teams, it is MUCH more dangerous on stall where it attempts to live for extended periods of time. My primary switch into it is oddly Infernape(on Will-o-wisps) and Breloom(on anything else). Both can scare it off, since they both wear down on it and bring it to Heracross Pursuit range should they be careless about how they play it. But the key player against any team because of it's ability to lure in Rotom is:

Machamp @ Lum Berry
No Guard: Adamant
248 HP, 252 Attack, 8 Speed
Stone Edge
Bullet Punch/ Rest/ Encore

Machamp is a pain to stall: it comes in on Blissey/ Forretress with ease and brings the game down to luck, turning what would be solid 3HKO counters into being, in essence, OHKOed by Machamp 25% of the time. But we're talking about Rotom.

Rotom comes in on Dynamicpunch aimed at Blissey: big deal. Payback strikes for high damage as they either attack(they won't 2HKO without a boost of sorts) or WoW(yay Lum!). If they attack, then Payback more for the easy win. If they WoW, go to Heracross and abuse Guts+Pursuit. Lucario rapes.

Even with all of this, I've been moving in the direction of another team core that I've had in mind for ages, but just have never decided to go with it. That would be Banded Azumarill, Banded Scizor, and the odd Expert Belt Flygon. With SR up, they easily wear down on counters with U-turn and high-powered attacks(not to mention with the threat of a scarf being held by flygon). Recently I added Sub, T-wave, Iron Head, Wish Jirachi to the equation: though I am considering Sub for maybe Fire Punch, Ice Punch, or U-Turn. I want one more thing to paralyze stuff, and then something to put up SR: I've been using Celebi for this job, and then use a scarfed rotom-h as a spin-blocker(the SR is supa-important).

What has also grabbed my attention recently is something my friend introduced me to: Magic the Gathering. I'm running mono-red burn, so feel free to hit me up on AIM if you want to battle/ do something

and that's it. Sorry about the delay, and hit me up on AIM/ SWF/ smogon if you want to talk about anything!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Starting off the Bat

Welcome to Articanus' Game Corner! Basically, here you get to see your everyday professional gamer(me) talk about random game stuff. I might throw in some details about stuff that happened IRL if it's awesome enough, but generally you won't see a lot of that. Ignoring the incredibly cliche name of the blog, let's go with an introduction of your host: me!

I'm Articanus: on, you'll see me posting around with the account 'ss118', which doesn't really mean anything. It's just pronounced "Double-S one-eighteen", like how you say "Double-0 Seven" for James Bond. Randomly made it when I was a LOT younger. Years later I came up with Articanus(ss118 was taken on AIM). Again, no idea what the name means but I promise you I've heard every butt-joke you can think of that involves cold stuff. If you don't get it.... I truly am sorry.

What do I play: primarily Super Smash Brothers and Pokemon. I play a lot more games to the side such as Blazblue: Continuum Shift, the Megaman Battle Network Series.... a LOT. I also played the Digimon World series, Resident Evil, Silent Hill.... well, my girlfriends more into the last one but I do what I can. ^^'

Otherwise I am a southerner: I enjoy both my grits and sweet tea. I've had my previously mentioned girlfriend for two years from July 31st, so I guess I'm doing pretty well. About to enter my first year of college. Looking for a job... but then again who isn't nowadays? If you aren't shut up.

I guess that's it. The idea of this won't be for me to be all super-serious about anything really, but more of a free area to vent my crazy ideas for any kind of game. In fact I'm sure my entire blog will go mostly unnoticed by the large population of the world that surfs the web.... either way, for you few readers, I hope you enjoy what has yet to come